Exhibition to support bid.

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Re: Exhibition to support bid.

Post by OliverH on Fri Jul 24, 2015 6:30 pm

Thanks Marc - yes there is a small exhibition of Neville Gabie's photographs in the shopfront opposite the Volunteer Rifleman's Arms on New Bond Street Place (bottom of Milsom Street), it will be there until next Friday. It's drawn from a collection of over 1000 photographs of improvised, informal goalposts from around the world, taken over a 20 year period. They've been shown at the Tate Modern, FIFA HQ, 2006 Germany World Cup, Portugal, Tokyo, Poland - details of the whole project here:


The "private view" will be in the Rifleman's with Neville on Thursday evening around 6pm if you want to come down and say hi. I'll ask him to bring some books down and I'm sure he'd be happy to give an informal talk about the project.

We're also looking for businesses to 'host' a photograph each for the month of August - Waterstones and Yammo are already up for it. PM me if your business is interested - ideally customer-facing businesses or ones with lots of employees!

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