SC Christmas Draw winners

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SC Christmas Draw winners

Post by comrade powell on Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:47 pm

The draw was held in Randall's following the match on Boxing Day. Below are the details of winning prizes.

1. £250 Cash (courtesy of Bob Chester)       01363 - Sue Gillard

2. Tickets for Warwick Castle (courtesy of Nick Blofeld)    00847 - Eileen Wilsdon

3. Vouchers for The Bird in Hand, Saltford      01159 - Nick Cox

4. Voucher for Yum Yum Thai     00418 - Colin Appleby

5. Annual subscription to a music magazine (courtesy of Anthem Publishing)   00079 - Maurice Powell

6. Annual subscription to a food magazine (courtesy of Anthem Publishing)   01279 - Alan Finney

7. Christmas Hamper (courtesy of Best of British Deli)   01207 - Chris England

8. Laurel & Hardy box set (courtesy of Ken Loach)    00907 - Tim Morgan

9. Bottle of whiskey (courtesy of Andrew Pierce)  02038 - Paddy Reeves

10. Christmas Gift Box (courtesy of Hobbycraft)    01868 - S Rose

11. Box of Swiss chocolates (courtesy of M & S Food, Weston Lock)   01405 - Jim Hardman

12. Bottle of Brut   02916 - Phil Hardy

13. Box of Fox's Biscuits (courtesy of Bookers Cash & Carry)   01333 - Carol Giles

14. Bottle of Pinot Grigiot (courtesy of Bookers Cash & Carry)  02055 - Josh Hopkins

15. Box of biscuits     01886 - S Sage

16. Bottle of wine    00767 - J Millard

17. Bottle of wine   00821 - Dave Williams

18. Box of chocolates  00827 - Dave Williams

19. Bottle of wine 02573 - Dave Clement

20. Box of chocolates   01257 - Andy Field

21. Chocolates   00030 - Alison Gibbons

22. Truffles  00256 - Bill Dawson

23. Perfume    01737 - J Morris

Prizes can be claimed from the club office at Twerton Park during the week or at a home fixture. If this presents a problem, please contact Graham Weeks on 07925 853176.

Many thanks from the Supporters Club to everyone who supported the draw this year – a total of just under £900 was raised, which will go a long way towards funding the Gamebreaker software used by the team's management and players. And a special mention to those who kindly donated prizes, sponsored the tickets and for Graham Weeks for all of his hard work in organising the draw once again.
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